Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ARCHIVED REVIEW: Last Argument of Kings (7/27/10)

Last Argument of Kings
by Joe Abercrombie

This book was intense. 

I admit that I read some reviews that had me apprehensive about it. They all said that the ending was really dark and disappointing. I was thinking that they all would die in horrible and unsatisfying ways.

And yes, people die, but everyone got at least one excellent fight with a perfect enemy.

Abercrombie doesn't cop out and have everyone change all of a sudden into completely good people. Everyone still teeters on the edge between light and dark. You never know whose side you should be on. It is actually really satisfying. It's like he is saying, "I told you the whole time that everyone has light and dark. I'm not going to change it now. When did I ever promise happily ever after?"

The one thing about this book is that it feels like there should be a final book after it. They leave it in a place where obviously the story will continue from here. The characters are not riding off into the sunset while the credits roll. They still have objectives to complete, and obstacles to overcome.

So I am hoping his Best Served Cold will answer some of the questions, as it takes place in the world of the trilogy, though not part of it strictly.

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